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Hypnotherapy for bullying

Bullying can have a massive impact on us: our self-esteem, self-worth, anxiety, sleep, relationships, depression and so much more. In extreme cases it can lead to suicide. 

Bullying doesn’t just happen to children, it can happen to adults – by partners, work colleagues and online. 

Stats say that 1 in 5 children are the victims of bullying and that a child is bullied every 7 seconds. Children often won’t tell you if they’re affected. This can be due to fear or humiliation, and it can make it hard to know if your child needs help to overcome the effects.

Bullying as a child can have a shattering effect on our lives as adults if not dealt with. 

What is bullying?

Bullying involves intentionally hurting or intimidating another person. Physical bullying is one of the most obvious types of bullying, but it can take many different forms.

  • Physical bullying can be seen on a person as they have the signs on their body from being punched, kicked etc.
  • Emotional Bullying – though the signs are not obvious this can be just as harmful and often left unnoticed unless someone asks for help. Being constantly told you are a bad person, isolated or talked accumulates causing huge psychological damage. 
  • Cyberbullying – This is a growing problem with more and more of social media platforms, the worst part is that it can happen 24 hours a day.  It can be a stranger (troll) or someone who hacks into someone account creating a narrative where the victim is seen as a perpetrator causing others to join in. 
  • Prejudice bullying is when people are bullied due to their race, sexual orientation, beliefs, culture or religion.
  • Sexual harassment is another form of bullying. 
  • Isolating people from a group and talking about them behind their back 

Signs of bullying

  • Loss of motivation 
  • Not wanting to go to work or school
  • Lots of periods of feeling ill 
  • Quiet and not making eye contact
  • Not sleeping 
  • Tummy upsets 
  • Being over-attached to mobile phone or device 
  • Snappy and picking fights
  • Alcohol or drug abuse 
  • Depression or anxiety 
  • Loss of confidence 

Bullying and Hypnotherapy

Bullying can have both short and long-term effects.

All can be helped with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy enables the client to relax and start to deal with the trauma, creating healthier coping mechanisms, increasing confidence, self-esteem, and aiding sleep. 

Maybe you suffered at the hands of a bully in your childhood, but locked it away? Or you have been bullied at work or online but been too embarrassed to tell anyone? Hypnotherapy could help you to get your life back on track and stop the bullies from having control. 

Is it time to ask for help and make a change for a positive future?