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Fear and Phobias

Is a fear or phobia holding you back? Do you avoid certain things? You may know when it started or remember the event that has caused this – maybe not. Either way, Hypnotherapy for fears and phobias can take you back to the point where it started, helping you face and overcome those anxious feelings. Changing your thoughts towards it and removing the fear or phobia. No longer will you start to tremble, sweat with no control. It may be spiders, heights, water, clowns – even flying. All can be changed, meaning you can do things you have not be able to do before.

Typically an 8-week Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy programme will allow you to overcome your phobia and all sessions will be supported with a recording for you to listen to in between sessions.

Why consider Hypnotherapy?

If medication isn’t an option

If you don’t want to take medication, can’t take medication or it hasn’t helped previously. Hypnotherapy is the ideal solution without the adverse side effects, treating the cause not just the symptoms. 

If traditional therapies haven’t worked

Traditional therapies are aimed at the conscious mind, many people are not aware of what has created their fear or phobia.  Hypnotherapy will get to the root cause and reset your subconscious thoughts that are driving your feelings enabling you to face your fears moving forward.


Could Counselling be the answer? 

Counselling programmes are both short-term and long-term depending on the presenting issues. I use the contemporary Pluralistic therapy model.  This Pluralistic framework uses the psychodynamic, person-centred, and cognitive behavioural approaches to therapy. Fitting the therapy to the client rather than the client to therapy. Talking therapy sessions support you to develop coping mechanisms, reduce negative thinking, change your mindset for the long term and improve your mood.

All my counselling sessions are supported by tools for your continual improvement between sessions.


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