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Is your addiction affecting your life, your financial situation, your family life, your relationships. From gambling to alcohol to class A drugs all can have an adverse and life changing impact on your life. You have tried to stop but then fall off the wagon. The addiction maybe the way you cope with trauma or stress in your life and has now become a habit. Do you want freedom from your addiction?  To be able to take control of your life and take the power back from your addiction. Hypnotherapy can help you relax, deal with stress and trauma, create suggestions around your addiction and goals to achieve in the future. Make a change today…..


Typically, a 12 -week Hypnotherapy for addiction programme breaks down the barriers holding you back, creating new coping mechanisms, dealing with trauma and taking control back.  All sessions will be supported with a recording for you to listen to in between sessions.

Why consider this approach?

You want to be the master of your feelings.

Hypnotherapy will help you find the cause of the addiction in your subconscious, deal with it and overcome it.  We will also provide you with coping mechanisms so able to take control of your life back. 

If traditional therapies haven’t worked

You have tried many other ways to overcome your addiction and always fallen off the wagon either days or weeks later. Hypnotherapy will give you new copying mechansims. 

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